"What delightful agony we shall inflict.”




White people are ghouls

White people are the worst

this is gross and im so fucking mad holy shiT

Okay. I get that what happened in Ferguson was awful. Michael Brown should be alive. But saying “white people” are ghouls doesn’t make you any better than some racist fuck-wit in Missouri. Be better than that. Show that you are above that bullshit.
Secondly, dark humor is dark humor. Making an offensive joke about current events is part of humor. It’s meant to get an uncomfortable reaction. Unless the person that wrote this thinks that it was okay that Michael Brown was murdered (possible, but not likely), he/she is being a bit of an insensitive ass, but not an outright monster or “ghoul”. Hell, you don’t even know that it was a white person that wrote it. Likely? Sure. But having a fucked up sense of humor isn’t racially exclusive.  
Grow up. And be better than your persecutors. And grow a thicker skin, otherwise this world is going to eat you up and spit you out.